IoT (t2iot) Platform

Artibraino Smart IoT Platform t2iot (Things to the Internet of Things) comprises embedded network modules to make appliances, switches, lighting, fan, sensors, plugs, and other devices seamlessly connect to the Internet with tailored application development

Ubiquitous Connectivity

Ubiquitous Connectivity

t2iot provides connectivity to everyone, everything, everywhere, every time.

Internet of Things (IoT) is a set of technologies that are enabling new use cases and delivering services across a wide variety of markets and applications. When people think of IoT, they often think of home or personal IoT. However, IoT will play a role in many commercial applications such as smart manufacturing, smart cities, autonomous cars, building automation, and healthcare. Suitable connectivity solutions range from a multitude of wired connectivity technologies such as Ethernet to wireless technologies like Wi-Fi and even 5G cellular. Many solutions need a combination of multiple communication technologies.

With built-in adapters for wireless IoT connectivity supporting- Wi-Fi ,Bluetooth, Zigbee, LoRa 3G/4G/5G t2iot is ready to support any device.

Artibraino’s Smart Cloud

The Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually transforming the way daily tasks are completed. Take smart homing for instance. People can start their cooling devices remotely through their mobile phones. This earlier used to be possible via an SMS, but today the internet has made it easier. Apart from providing smarter solutions for homes and housing communities, IoT has also been used as a tool in business environments across various industries. However, with the amount of big data that is generated by IoT, a lot of strain is put on the internet infrastructure. This has made businesses and organizations look for an option that would reduce this load.

Cloud computing, as well as IoT, work towards increasing the efficiency of everyday tasks and both have a complementary relationship. On one hand, IoT generates lots of data while on the other hand, cloud computing paves way for this data to travel. Our smart cloud service provides economies of scale to reduce their overall cost. structure.

Artibraino Smart t2iot cloud supports connected products across multiple geographies and millions of users. REST API for integration , fully Oauth2 compliant authentication and authorization, business analytics and distributed architecture.

Artibraino home smart  app

Mobile APP

The best tool which can be used to properly harness the benefits of IoT solutions is the mobile phone. There are currently over 2.6 billion smartphone users in the world and the market analysis shows that smartphone users will increase considerably in the years to come.

As IoT will continue to evolve at a sky-rocketing pace, the concept of smart cities, smart homes, connected cars, and connected machines will flourish. In such environment, mobile devices, including Smartphones, tablets and wearables like Smartwatches will function as the main interface through which we will be able to interact with an Internet of Things enabled devices.

Artibraion iSwitch mobile App provides out of the box access of t2iot platform capabilities on the mobile device, an appliance maker can use our of the self app or customize their own version. For customization approximate timeline to go live are within weeks and not in months.

Smart Speaker

While multiple ways into the home exist, smart speakers remain in a position of dominance by utilizing a range of connectivity options, smart speakers are able to leverage both AI and cloud capabilities to enable an ever-increasing range of IoT devices. As smart functionality makes its way progressively into homes and businesses, devices are working to gain a foothold into broader ecosystems to maximize growth and revenue opportunities.

T2iot is pre-integrated with smart speaker technologies like Alexa, which means you can instantly leverage presence on these devices to increase the reach of your smart appliance.

Alexa Controlled

Wi-Fi Smart Switch

Artibraino smart and intelligent WiFi Switch powered by the Artibraino t2iot platform converts your offline appliances to the Internet of Things. Allowing you to control your appliances/devices with mobile remotely and through Alexa offering significant convenience and power saving. A smart schedule lets you schedule your switch on/off for worry-free function